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Dental Treatment in Istanbul

Are you ready for a unique smile experience in Istanbul, Turkey, the city where history and modern life unite?

türkiyede diş tedavisi

Ready for a dental vacation in Istanbul?

Turkey has recently become a center of attraction particularly in the area of health for many people around the globe. This is greatly due to the country’s well-trained medical doctors and health staff, as well as the fact that it has heavily invested in health technologies. Thanks to the rich historical and cultural heritage of the country, thousands of people visiting the city for health tourism purposes find the opportunity to explore historical sites, contemporary buildings, the Bosphorus which separates Asia and Europe and the bridges which join the two continents, as well as the Turkish and world delicacies which can be found by the Bosphorus or around the city in their spare time during their treatment process.

We therefore frequently receive questions about “Dental treatment in Turkey”, “Dental treatment in Istanbul” or “Best dental clinic in Istanbul”. To such end, German Dental Clinic Istanbul offers a unique smiling experience to its patients from all over the world.

The best dental clinic in Istanbul

istanbulda diş kliniği

German Dental Clinic Istanbul is a significant alternative for those seeking the best dental clinic in Istanbul thanks to its high-quality German equipment, cozy reception and treatment facilities, state-of-the-art treatment devices, digital measurement units, in-house imaging facilities and dental laboratories, as well as its staff with international expertise.

engin aksoyDr. Engin Aksoy, the founder of German Dental Clinic Istanbul, is born and has completed his education in Germany. Dr. Aksoy successfully graduated from the School of Dentistry at Universitat Ulm, which is among the most prestigious schools in Germany. Aksoy received his residency in oral implantology from Steinbeis University. Dr. Aksoy completed his MD education at Universitat Ulm, the school from which he received his major degree. Following a 10-year professional in Germany, Dr. Engin Aksoy returned to Turkey, his homeland, in 2012 and established German Dental Clinic Istanbul, introducing German quality to Istanbul.can çolpan Having recruited Dentist Can Çolpan in 2021, German Dental Clinic Istanbul provides its patients with international education and expertise in Turkey, crowning its local and foreign patients with a healthy smile backed by its unique perspective of high aesthetics.

All medical and interventional equipment used at the clinic are sourced from distinguished German brands.

A dental clinic in Istanbul, where you can speak German, English and Spanish

Being able to speak in their native language is a major concern for patients who visit Turkey for a dental treatment in Istanbul. Our staff at German Dental Clinic Istanbul can speak Turkish, as well as German, English and Spanish at native level. Particularly in the case of hundreds of European patients we have, we are able to communicate with then in their native tongue. Such ability enable us to better understand their specific expectations. Furthermore, our patients feel more comfortable with us.

Hollywood Smile Design in Istanbul

hollywood gülüş tasarımıMissing teeth, tooth discoloring which may occur in time, and deformations which may occur genetically or due to external reasons such as accidents have negative impacts on daily activities such as eating and speaking. Considering the frequency that we socialize within any given day, visible adversities in our oral and dental structure may make us feel uncomfortable in public. As such, Hollywood smile design provides aesthetic dental solutions to our patients.

Our Hollywood smile design in Istanbul concept aims to provide patients with a healthy oral and dental structure, followed by an aesthetic, natural and perfect look. We offer a comprehensive combination of treatments under Hollywood smile design. The crucial point here is to correctly select, accurately plan and precisely time the treatments you need. In addition, our philosophy at German Dental Clinic Istanbul is to intervene as little as possible to your natural teeth.

  • Our Hollywood smile design planning phase begins with an examination session. The examination includes physical observation and X-ray scanning of your oral and dental structure.
  • We share our planning with you during a preliminary interview and receive your feedback. An aesthetic and natural look is as important as providing the patient with the smile he/she desires.
  • Hollywood smile design is the planning and provision of a combination of all treatments that a patient needs. While dental bleaching may be the only treatment necessary for some patients, others may need additional interventions such as dental implants, veneers-zirconium porcelain crown(s), gum aesthetics, root canals or tooth cavity treatment. The important thing here is the experience of and accurate planning and measurement by the team who will carry out the Hollywood smile design process. Any error in the execution or timing of the mentioned steps may result in the failure of the entire smile design planning.

Dental treatment in Istanbul

As one of the most prominent cities in Turkey, Istanbul attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists each year. Recently, many tourists also wish to receive aesthetic treatments they need, during their vacation in Istanbul. At German Dental Clinic, we offer Hollywood smile design services and numerous other dental treatments which patients may need, and within the shortest possible timeframe thanks to our in-house imaging equipment and dental laboratory.

If you wish to receive dental treatment in Istanbul, please contact us at;

  • +90 212 232 00 85 by phone, or
  • +90 543 881 22 20 via Whatsapp, or
  • info@enginaksoy.com via e-mail.

Please state your intended visiting dates, how long you can stay in Istanbul and which dental services you wish to receive. At this point, we can arrange an online pre-evaluation meeting if you wish so. Any existing X-ray scan of your jaw would aid us.

The final phase of our planning process would be to arrange your flight schedule and accommodation.

We arrange your flight tickets based on our meetings. Your accommodation can be arranged at distinguished hotels located in the city center, that are also at walking distance to our clinic.

On the day of your arrival, we pick you up at the Istanbul Airport or Sabiha Gökçen Airport with our VIP transfer service and begin hosting you at the clinic.

During your stay in Istanbul, we carry out your dental treatment while you get to enjoy Istanbul in your free time.

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